Resident - Multi-Family and Single-Family


The Bungalows at Sky Vista is a 34- unit multi-family condominium project located in Stead, NV. The 32-acre site was originally deeded to the Washoe County School District and intended for the development of two school sites. Due to the Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) time limitations to either construct a school within ten years or deed the property back to the original developer, the land was deeded back to SWD Partners LLC in 2012. The Bungalows project is a single story multi-family house product with single car garages and private fenced patios. The project was designed with alley in the rear and meandering walkways and landscaping in the building fronts, to help foster a neighborhood and community feel. CFA’s provided construction staking and land use planning services to prepare and process the Planned Unit Development (PUD) zoning map amendment and the tentative map approvals. Construction of the project was completed in 2015.