Parks & Recreation


CFA was hired by the City of Reno in 2011 to prepare conceptual park designs for the future development of Double Diamond Park adjacent to the existing CFA award winning Kendyl Depoali Middle School. School development included construction of soccer and ball fields on the park site, creating a high level of use and impacts to the surrounding community from on-street parking. CFA provided conceptual park planning services creating alternatives incorporating a pre-fabricated restroom building, a multi-use turf sports field, play and picnic areas as well as maximizing parking on the site. The first phase of the project consisted of the restroom building, parking, multi-use turf sports field and connecting pedestrian circulation. Challenges included improving very poor soils conditions for park use and the use of irrigation water from a reclaimed source. In addition, close coordination was required with the pre-fabricated restroom building which was acquired separately by City of Reno Parks. CFA worked with the City of Reno and the South Meadows Architectural Review Committee to ensure compliance of the park site design. CFA was responsible for the park design, landscape architecture, survey, civil engineering and construction documents for the project. Construction was completed in the fall of 2012.