CFA designed the landscape and irrigation for this 58,000 square foot medical lab for the University of Nevada, Reno campus. Landscape at the building emphasizes drought-tolerant plants, specifically ornamental grasses, climate-adapted shrubs and perennials. Along project edges, native shrubs and grasses are seeded for erosion control in disturbed areas. On the west side of the building, a lawn area is planted in the Phase 2 auditorium area. The east plaza is available for students to study, relax and enjoy city views.  The architect, Van Woert Bigotti, designed the project to LEED silver standards. Landscaping credits include open space greater than 20% of the site boundary. Irrigation credits include a 50% savings over a traditional irrigation system. Construction began in late fall of 2009 and was completed in May 2011. The contractor, Sundt Construction, hired CFA to do the construction staking. The total project cost was $30 million. The project received funding from the Nevada Legislature and bonding authority under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act from the City of Reno.