Commercial Industrial


CFA provided engineering, land surveying & mapping services for the 200+/- acres of the 900 acres that is currently owned by SUPERNAP, LLC. Our team has been doing the staking for their first data center, and our engineering team has been doing design and analysis for the second data center, as well as a master drainage study for the next 3 buildings going on the campus. The study entailed analyzing upwards of a couple of thousand of acres of mountainside and channels that flows across the site. We designed a 15 acre basin at the south end of the site, and have smaller basins at the north end of the site. The 200 acres dealt with upwards of 2.5 million cubic yards of cut, and 1.9 million cubic yards of fill. Additionally, to help the water move around the site, CFA designed over 2,700 lineal feet of concrete channel and 1,900 lineal feet of a rip rap lined channel.  The overall design also consisted of multiple roadways and access roads leading around the campus. The utility infrastructure for the site includes huge banks of fiber optic line, electrical, sewer, storm drain, water,fire water, recycled water service and return lines. Each individual campus also had a 12’ security wall with access gates which were included in the design.

CLIENT & OWNER: SWITCH, P.O. Box 400850, Las Vegas, NV 89140
LOCATION: Tahoe Reno, Nevada
SERVICES PROVIDED: Project Management, Civil Design, Mapping Services, Staking and Construction Management
PROJECT DATES: October 2016 - Ongoing