Comprehensive Plans


Mammoth Lakes is the gateway to the Eastern Sierras. Yosemite National Park, beautiful wildflowers in the summer months and a winter mountain resort make Mammoth Lakes a year-round destination. The downtown itself, however, lacks a sense of place and vitality. Main Street in Mammoth Lakes is a 1.5-mile corridor with varying characteristics, a frontage road on either side of the street and auto-oriented building types. Its wide street cross-sections make it an unfriendly pedestrian environment. In 2012, CFA worked on the team lead by Winter & Company to propose scenarios for redevelopment that met the vision of the Main Street Implementation Plan. The project included an extensive community outreach process that engaged consultants, town staff, property owners and other interested parties in creative problem solving activities. The final product was a report that outlined the next steps for plan implementation, cost estimates, redevelopment strategies and street and pedestrian improvements.