Comprehensive Plans


In 2012 the City awarded a contract for an analysis of the zoning code to identify barriers to development. The work was done by Clarion and Associates and CFA, and was completed in September 2012. The report (Zoning Code Assessment Report) identified “barriers” and provided the city direction for subsequent updates to the zoning code. For the next phase of work, CFA teamed with White & Smith, LLC and Winter and Company to prepare an updated zoning code. The work involved a review of Title 20, the September 2012 Zoning Code Assessment Report, the city’s draft comprehensive plan, Transit Oriented Development master plan and zoning standards and all other relevant plans, ordinances and policies as identified by the City of Sparks. The team was responsible for analyzing and comparing draft plan policies with the existing code language, maps and regulatory structure to identify key issues. The new zoning code integrates multiple documents (TOD Code, Design Standards Manual, Title 20, etc.) into one concise zoning document with updated citywide development standards and rich graphics. Public meetings with key stakeholder and advisory groups were held throughout the code update process. The final zoning code was adopted in Spring 2015.