Commercial Industrial


CFA worked with Hawkins & Associates, Inc. on the 777 Center Street development. The project encompasses the reuse of older building that had been home to Maytan Music for several previous decades. The original building was constructed in the late 1970’s and consisted of two stories, plus a basement. The property was sold to a new owner in 2014, when it underwent a major transformation into a mixed use building. The interior was gutted and redesigned for a blend of uses including office and restaurant space. A deck was added to the second floor and an outdoor patio space was constructed at the ground level. The outdoor deck and patio area adds a key component to the make-up of the entire Midtown District. The space transformed a once built out parcel into a zone that integrated space with high pedestrian activity and urban interaction. CFA provided survey, civil design and landscape architecture and construction inspection. The project was completed in 2015.