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Valle Vista Progress

The Valle Vista affordable housing project in Sun Valley, Nevada, is steadily progressing. This development, set against the unique terrain of Sun Valley, will consist of 75 housing lots, open spaces, storage facilities, and walking paths for community use.

Spearheaded by Landbank Development, the project started in April 2022. It includes a comprehensive infrastructure development plan involving the construction of roads, sewer, and storm drain systems. Despite the challenging terrain, the project is well on its way with the majority of the roads and utilities completed. The final stages of these works are currently being tied up.

On track for completion by summer 2023, Valle Vista has entered the home stretch with the majority of homes in Phase 1 nearing completion.

Our team at CFA is proud to be contributing to this project, providing expertise in land planning, civil design, surveying, and construction administration to ensure its successful realization.